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About RI Vitality Center


Fran Carroll, CRM, CLC

As a successful business owner since 1998, Fran has helped numerous clients in her holistic therapy practice. She is passionate about helping your mind, body, spirit, and home be in harmony together through a holistic approach.​


Fran has several degrees and is certified through: The Spencer Institute of California (Life Strategy & Life Coaching), The American Massage Association, The Rhode Island Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Qi Gong), The Center for Universal Reflexology, The International Reiki Association, Therapeutic Stone Massage National Certification, and attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality Conferences). In addition to being trained under the well-known Marianne Marion and Karen Kingston, she also has twelve years of experience in the medical field.


Fran is a self-published author of the book Doing It Barefoot and of the guided meditation CD It Is Time.

RI Vitality Center is the highest rated Vitality Center for Holistic Wellness in the area. It accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


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