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Safely and painlessly extract impurities from the ear in a relaxing environment

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​Ear candling is the process of safely inserting an all natural Japanese rice paper and beeswax candle into the ear and lighting it. The lighted candle allows the ear to be purified, providing the following benefits: 

  • removing wax, bacteria, and other debris from the ear canal

  • treating tinnitus

  • treating sinus pressure and discomfort

  • improving hearing or reversing hearing loss

  • relieving throat discomfort

  • relieving headaches and migraines

  • improving mental clarity

  • reducing pain related to jaw aches and temporomandibular disorders

  • reducing tension and stress

  • reducing vertigo, dizziness, and improving the equilibrium

If you are interested in trying a natural homeopathic remedy to relieve stress, we invite you to try the ear candling services offered at Rhode Island Vitality Center!

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